Who Started ApexChallenge?

My name is Bruce Marshall.

I’ve been a member of the HighPointer's Club off and on since about 1991.

On Mother's Day May 14, 1967 @ around 2 am my Unit was overrun in Vietnam by the Viet Cong. I was the sole American survivor out of a four man American Advisory Team and we lost over 2 Dozen ARVN (Army of Vietnam soldiers, our allies). I tell you this with feelings of humility and extreme gratitude for nearly 19,000 Bonus Days I've enjoyed since that day. God gave me some more missions and I truly believe tonight is one of those missions. (Part of a Short talk announcing ApexChallenge 2019 given at the Arkansas HighPointers Convention - Magazine Mountain Resort - 6.30.2018)


This Photo was taken on 1.1.2017 on Kili, as part of a 10 person team led by Werner Berger - now 80 & oldest man to do the 7 Summits.