Denali (South Peak)

20,310 feet (NAVD88)


Who - Only true high altitude experienced mountaineers with a climbing portfolio


What - Height Rank #1, Difficulty Rank #1


DIFFICULTY - Level #4 - serious mountain climb, considerable exposure, ice & snow involved, ropes are necessary, & even Ski Goggles and ear plugs for extreme noise reduction


When - Optimum Time to Go May/June (do the research)


Where - Latitude 64 deg. 04 min. N

               Longitude 151 deg. W


Denali National Park in south central Alaska some 120 miles north of Anchorage


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Why - Highly motivated to accomplish something very few people will ever be able to do.  I believe someone who can climb Denali successfully can probably climb Everest.


How - Need a good bit of training, experience, gear and funds


Comment - Denali is not on my bucket list. I should have done it 40+ years ago, if ever.